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What is a CPA

A CPA - Certified Practising Accountant - is a professional in accounting and in business of the highest quality.

To be eligible to enter a study program to become a CPA a person must first hold an accredited undergraduate degree, such as a university business or commerce degree, and have three years of supervised experience in accounting, finance or business.

Once a candidate becomes a CPA they are bound by a strict Professional Code of Conduct, which prohibits illegal and unethical behaviour. A CPA is bound to undertake Continuing Professional Development each year. This involves attending lectures, seminars and discussion groups regularly every year for the duration of membership as a CPA.

When your accountant is a CPA you are dealing with someone who has studied accounting for many years, has had extensive hands on experience in an accounting firm or an accounting related business, and is keeping up to scratch on new developments in the accounting field.

You are dealing with someone who is not only bound by regulation, but by the codes set by Australia's largest professional body. A professional accountant.

For more information on Certified Practising Accountants, please visit CPA Australia.

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