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Providing your personal details to us
Addressing any concerns you may have about sending your private information to us

In order to provide a Refund Quote, as well as preparing a tax return, over the phone, we need to receive certain information from you. If you are having concerns about providing this information, or if the idea of a guaranteed Refund Quote sounds too good to be true, hopefully this article can explain more about us to you.

Who we are, and what we offer
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Why we need your documents
In order to provide a Refund Quote, we need to calculate what your refund will be. This can't be done without having, at the very least, all of your income information. But this is just the starting point. A professional accountant must also call you and ask you questions about your job, your address and the purchases you made during the year in order to determine how we can maximise your deductions and offsets.

Why you need to sign a Letter of Terms of Engagement
We are a CPA Practice. As professional accountants we are bound by standards as set out by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board (

These standards include APES 305 which requires that ALL professional accounting firms provide a letter of engagement to anyone engaging them for their services, and that the letter must be signed by the client.
For a full list of standards, click here. For APES 305, click here

I don't feel comfortable providing my personal information to you
We can understand that people would be hesitant about providing their information to someone they never met. However, please note:
  1. As per APES 110 and the Privacy Act, we must keep all your information confidential. We can't provide it to anyone, including the government, unless we are forced to by law, or receive written consent from you. We only use your information to provide better accounting, taxation and advisory services
  2. We have 3 offices, which you are welcome to drop by to give us your materials and to meet our team.

Samuel Bentley CPA
Principal and Director

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