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Sending your documents to us

In order for us to provide you with a refund quote, you will need to send us the relevant documents, which for most people is simply their PAYG Summaries (also known as Group Certificates)

Please be aware that we do not give out your information to anyone, not even government agencies, unless we are required to by law.

The easiest way to send a document to us
all you need is a mobile phone that can take decent pictures

This method involves sending an SMS directly to our email (

There are 3 other easy ways to send us your documents: email, fax and post

Email (our preferred method):
If you have been given a printed-out PAYG Payment Summary (also known as Group Certificates), printed bank statements, or any other document on paper, you need to scan it to your computer, and then attach it to your email.
You can scan your documents to your computer in 3 ways:
  1. Scanning - the most common method is to use a scanner. However, most people don't have a scanner.
  2. Digital camera - as long as the picture that you take can be easily read (as we will need to be able to read most of the words on the document), digital cameras are the most convenient way to scan your paper documents onto your computer. The process is as follows:
    1. Take a picture of the document, then transfer it to your computer. Most cameras above 3 Megapixels will be more than adequate.
    2. Attach all your documents to a single email.
  3. Mobile phone's camera - this works on the same principals as a digital camera. There are a number of ways to transfer your photo to your computer.
    1. Direct transfer, using a cable, bluetooth, infrared or wi-fi. This depends on your mobile handsets capabilities.
    2. Emailing from your mobile. If your mobile has email set up on it, simply attach the photos to the email and email us directly.
    3. MMS - most mobile service providers in Australia allow you to MMS your pictures to an email address. Please do not send us a separate email for each document. You can email each document to yourself, and then attach all the separate pictures from the separate emails to a single email.
    4. Remember to include your contact number in your email.

Our email address for sending documents is

If you are not able to email your information to us, you can fax it. Most public libraries and councils have public fax and photocopying facilities. If your documents are not the right size for faxing, you can photocopy them onto standard-sized papers (such as an A4 sized paper) and then fax all your photocopied documents to us.

Our Fax numbers are listed on our contact page

Post (this method takes more time)
If all else fails, you can send us your documents, together with your contact phone numbers, by post. However this will add at least a week to our response time, as we will be posting your tax return back to you, and then you will be posting the signed tax return back to us.

Our postal address is shown on our contact page

Upload to our website (this method is only available to business clients needing to transfer large files to us such as a MYOB file)
Please visit our upload page. To add yourself to the list of clients approved to upload their files to our server, please contact us.

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