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Over-the-Phone Tax Returns

We believe that having your tax return prepared Over-the-Phone is simply better than a face-to-face meeting with your accountant. Here's why:
  • You don't need to take time off work for your tax return.
  • You receive the same quality of service as you would at a face-to-face meeting with your accountant.
  • You don't have to double and triple check that you have taken all your documents, as well as payment, with you before you leave the house.

    We ensure that we have all the documents we will need before your appointment date.

    You can send your materials by post, fax, or email. Or take a picture of the documents with your phone and SMS or email the picture to us.

  • No more wasting your time driving to an office and back.
  • No more sitting in a waiting room while your accountant is running late.
  • No more having to settle for a bad accountant simply because you are too far away from a good alternative. Geographical location is no longer a requirement of getting a professional accountant to prepare your tax return.
  • Have your tax return prepared for you while you are at your lunch break at work, having coffee with a friend, or even on your couch in your pyjamas. It simply can't be easier.

If you wish to discuss having an Over-the-Phone Tax Return done, please contact us

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